Kirby Toolkit

The Kirby Toolkit

A stripped down and easy to use toolkit for PHP

Kirby Toolkit is the heart and soul of my main projects – Zootool and the Kirby CMS. It's open source, so feel free to use it however you like.

The Kirby Toolkit is by no means a full featured mvc/wtf framework, it's more like jQuery for PHP. The Kirby Toolkit is there to make nerdy things a little less nerdy.

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Key Features

  • Database Handling (MySQL)
  • Loads of string and array helpers
  • File and directory handling
  • Session and Cookie helpers
  • Browser detection
  • Easy language support
  • Easy request handling
  • Validation
  • Easy app configuration

Code Samples

Easy database handling



// setup the database
c::set('', 'localhost');
c::set('db.user', 'root');
c::set('db.password', 'password');
c::set('', 'database');

// select all users from an imaginary user table
$users = db::select('users', '*');

// build a list of encoded email addresses
// with a fallback for users without an email address
foreach($users AS $user) {
    echo str::email( a::get($user, 'email', 'no email') );


Requests and validation



if(get('submit')) {
    $email = get('email');

    if(!v::email($email)) {
        echo 'That is not a valid email address';
    } else {
        db::insert('newsletter', array('email' => $email));

  <input type="text" name="email" />
  <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Subscribe" />


Kirby likes PHP 5, Apache on unix systems and MySQL. Everything else is not supported.


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